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About Us

Everyone in their life comes to these stages and think how to give the best education to their child, but we always forget in this stage how we felt as a kid, we just move on with our dreams on our kids to shape him, which will create a burden for your kids in such a small age.

Parents and teachers should always treat their kids or students as their friend or even I can say after certain age a companion.

After losing my husband, my life and hope was my only son and with whom I spend most of my time, I play with him, when he plays. I cry with him, when he cries. Even I use to learn with him how to laugh, how to grow, how to face your problem by keep on trying without the worries of world, which gave birth to “Kidschoolz.com”.

We started to create different and easy kids sheets from my and many parent’s experience, where parents can understand their kids and kids can learn while they do any play activity.

We covered most of the activity sheets, grade by grade with different subjects. Here in Kidschoolz.com, Parents and teacher can explore the world of their kids and students to a bright future without making education as burden to them, because we feel you are the biggest supporter of your child’s dream and their education.

Kidschoolz.com can help to guide Parents to take care their child education through a lifelong journey of learning by easy steps without making it complex; our aim is to provide all kind of education resource to parents to enthuse their kids to learn things at home, at schools, and in their communities.

We are also pulled together looking towards parent’s information on common parenting and teaching issues in early learners and grown-ups, so that we can come up with more resources for the classroom, working tools for parents, games for early learners when they’re “off the clock.

Thank you for letting us to partner in your child’s education and for your Feedback.

Devi Sri Mari S