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1000 Points In New Born Care – Part 99

1. Obesity may also be due to many ductless glands diseases. Children with obesity should be investigated for the cause of obesity.
2. The calories intake of the obese children should be reduced.
3. Parents should be advised to curtail the intake of snacks in between the meals of children.
4. Consumption of ice cream, toffees, sweets and chocolates should be drastically cut down.
5. Good amount of physical activity in the form of exercise should be kept under regular surveillance.
6. The weight of the child be kept under regular surveillance.
7. Attempts should be made to reduce the weight gradually rather than abruptly.
8. Use of drugs to reduce the appetite in obese children should be discouraged.
9. These children should be encouraged to take foods with low calorie content.
10. Children with mental retardation can nowadays be trained and educated by special schools.

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