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Akbar and Birbal Stories

“Number of Crows”

Akbar was one of the greatest emperors in India. His capital was Delhi and belonged to the Mughal dynasty. Birbal the wise man was a minister in the court of Emperor Ashok. His real name was Maheshdas.

Akbar the great was interested in asking strange questions. One fine day the king asked his courtiers, “How many crows are there in Delhi?” The courtiers got confused. They were thinking it would be possible to count the number of human beings in Delhi, but how could one count the number of crows?
Nobody was able to answer the question. They looked at each other and finally everyone’s head turned towards Birbal. Birbal said, “It is not possible to give the answer right now, give me on day time”.
Next day all were present in the court, Birbal too was there. The King asked, “Birbal are you ready with the answer?” “Yes, Your Majesty, Eighty five thousand four hundred and thirty two crows are there in Delhi” answered Birbal.

The King got surprised and asked him “Are you sure?” With full confidence Birbal answered, “yes indeed”.
On hearing Birbal’s answer the King got confused and asked him, “How come you are so sure about the number? Suppose if there are more crows than you say” Without any hesitation Birbal answered, “It is possible, the relatives of the crows in Delhi might have come to meet them.
The King was not satisfied and asked him one more question, “Suppose there are less crows than you say?”Immediate reply came from Birbal, “Possibilities are there Your Majesty, crows might have gone to meet their relatives outside Delhi.

On hearing this all the courtiers and the king laughed out loudly. King Akbar was very much pleased by Birbal’s witty and quick reply and applauded him.

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