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Akbar and Birbal Stories

Hundred Gold Coins and Birbal

Akbar was one of the greatest emperors in India. His capital was Delhi and belonged to the Mughal dynasty. Birbal the wise man was a minister in the court of Emperor Ashok. His real name was Maheshdas.

The wisdom of Birbal was incomparable during the reign of Emperor Akbar. The name and fame earned by him made Akbar’s relative extremely jealous of him. He asked the Emperor to relieve Birbal from his position and appoint him in his place. He also assured him that he would do his duty more efficient than Birbal. Akbar was confused and could not take a decision on this matter.

But this news reached Birbal and he resigned. Akbar’s relative was made the minister in place of Birbal. Akbar was unhappy about Birbal’s resignation. He decided to test the new minister.

He gave three hundred gold coins to him and said, Spend these gold coins such that, I get a hundred gold coins here in this life; a hundred gold coins in the other world and another hundred gold coins neither here nor there.

The new minister found the entire situation to be a maze of confusion and hopelessness. He spent sleepless nights worrying over how he would get himself out of this mess. Finally on the advice of his wife he sought Birbal’s help. Birbal said, just give me the gold coins. I shall handle the rest.

Birbal walked the streets of the big city and noticed a rich man celebrating his son’s wedding. Suddenly Birbal got an idea and gave a hundred gold coins to the merchant and bowed with respect saying, “The Emperor Akbar sends you his good wishes and blessings for the wedding of your son. Please accept the gift he has sent”. The merchant felt honoured that the king had sent precious gift. He honoured Birbal and gave him expensive gifts and a bag of gold coins as a return gift for the king.

Next, Birbal went to the market and bought food and clothes worth 100 gold coins and distributed them to poor people in the name of the Emperor.

He came back to town and organized a live concert of music and dance for which he spent the balance hundred gold coins.

The next day Birbal went to Akbar’s court bowed down to the king and announced that he had done all that the king had asked his relative to do. The Emperor was very eager to know how he had done it. Birbal explained the sequences of all the events and then said, the money I gave to the merchant for the wedding of his son – you have got back while on this earth. The money I spent on buying food and clothing for the poor – you will get it in the other world. The money I spent on the musical concert – you will get neither here nor there.




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