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Akbar and Birbal Stories

Birbal’s First Entry Into Akbar’s Court

Children let us read the stories of Birbal the wise man who was a minister in the court of Emperor Ashok. Akbar was one of the greatest emperors in India. His capital was Delhi and belonged to the Mughal dynasty. Birbal’s real name was Maheshdas.

During the rule of Akbar the great all the talented scholars, artists, musicians and poets were recognised and rewarded with rich gifts.

Birbal a young man who had many talents, wise and good natured heard about Akbar wanted to meet him.

Birbal went to the palace and when he tried to enter, he was stopped by a guard who was corrupt and dishonest. He demanded a gift from Birbal to allow him enter the court. Birbal said,”I am very poor and I have nothing to give you. If I get any gift from the king, half of it I shall give you.”

The guard found this deal profitable and allowed Birbal enter the palace.

When Birbal saw the royal court he was amazed by the beauty and richness of the court. When he saw the emperor he offered his respects and introduced himself as a poet and story teller. He told some humorous stories and recited his own poems. King Akbar, courtiers and the people were very much impressed by Birbal.

Akbar asked Birbal to tell what gift he would like to have, “Respected King! I am happy that you liked and enjoyed my poems and stories. Your happiness is my reward”. Akbar was very much pleased by this reply and insisted him to ask for a reward.

“Your Majesty! I want hundred lashes with the whip as reward” on hearing this entire court was shocked including the king. Akbar told Birbal to ask for some other gift. But Birbal was very firm in his decision. So with no other option left Akbar ordered that Birbal be given a hundred lashes with the whip.

A servant began to whip Birbal and after the fiftieth lash Birbal asked him to stop. He told “I promised my partner that I will give him half of my reward”. Emperor Akbar asked him who his partner was and Birbal said “the guard at the gate is my partner, he let me in with a condition of sharing half of my reward with him”, so he has to be given the balance fifty lashes”.

The king understood what would have happened and ordered that guard be given the remaining fifty lashes with severity.

King Akbar gave Birbal rich presents and appointed him as a minister in his court. Akbar dismissed all the corrupted and dishonest servants and guards.

And this is how Birbal entered Akbar’s court.

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