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Official Name: Barbados

Barbados in the Eastern Caribbean is an independent island nation is in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela that is often portrayed as the Little Britain of the Caribbean because of its long association with the UK as a British colony.

The name “Barbados” comes from a Portuguese explorer named Pedro Campos in 1536, who originally called the island Os Barbados (“The Bearded Ones”), after the appearance of the island’s fig trees, whose long hanging aerial roots resembled beards.

Continent: North America
Capital: Bridgetown
Language: English
Religion: Christianity (majority)
Population: 292,336 (July 2017 est.)
Currency: Barbadian dollar (BBD)
National Anthem: “In Plenty and In Time of Need”
National Bird: Pelican
National Flower: Poinciana Pulcherrima Linnaeu
National Tree: Bearded Fig Tree
National Sport: Cricket

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