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I Wonder Why Worksheet – 1

I wonder why the moon shines…

The moon isn’t a ball of hot, glowing gas like the sun. It’s a ball of cod, hard rock. The moon does not actually give off light; it reflects it like a giant reflected from the sun. The moon isn’t very good mirror, through. It isn’t smooth and shiny. In fact, most of the rock on the moon is rough and dark gray. It doesn’t really reflect much sunlight. But sunlight is so bright that even the tiny bit that is reflected from the moon makes the moon look like a glowing ball
in our sky.

I wonder why I go to school…

I go to school to learn math so that when I grow up I will know how to balance a chequebook. I will be able to count my change at the grocery store. I also go to school to learn how to spell and read books. When I ride in the car, I can read the road signs from the window. I learn about the community in school, and the many places to visit- the hospital, the post office, the bank, the grocery store and more. I learn so many things in school that I don’t have to wonder anymore.


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